My printmaking practice explores all areas of print including intaglio, monoprinting techniques, collage and relief printmaking.The printmaking studio enables me to use traditional methods as a means of translating participatory projects into something more representative and less ephemeral. I like to work with photography, digital imagery and found materials as inspirations which I then translate in the print studio through traditional intaglio techniques to produce etchings using drawing and mark making to explore this contrast of digital and analogue. The resulting artwork can produce new ideas and inspiration which I then take back to the classroom further developing my practice.

I am currently interested in developing projects in which nature, science and art collide. I am keen to use nature and the way in which humans process the natural world, attempting to make sense of it through scientific and artistic means as a starting point to create a series of heavily processed prints and etchings.

Below are images of my work, they have been divided into themes so click the images to see more. All artworks are available to purchase by emailing me at and I will send you an invoice which can be paid by bank transfer or Paypal including additional costs for postage and packaging. Earlier prints and less expensive works are found in the ARCHIVE image at the bottom of this page.

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