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My printmaking practice explores all areas of print including intaglio, monoprinting techniques, collage and relief printmaking.The printmaking studio enables me to use traditional methods as a means of translating participatory projects into something more representative and less ephemeral. I like to work with photography, digital imagery and found materials as inspirations which I then translate in the print studio through traditional intaglio techniques to produce etchings using drawing and mark making to explore this contrast of digital and analogue. 

All artworks are available in MY SHOP or by emailing me at and I will send you an invoice which can be paid by bank transfer or Paypal including additional costs for postage and packaging. 

I Sat on the Stone Walls in the Sunshine of Other Times
Anyone's Ghost
Change of Habitat
They gave back, when they took away
I Scatter through the Seasons
I Lost my Way in the Clouds of Remembering
Little Moon
Lines Of Flight I
Collecting Places
Dreaming was Enough
Ghost Ship (Gold)
Enough Dreaming
He'll be coming and going
Seven Seasons
Only their Shadows Remained
They gave back, when they took away III
These Dreams will Turn your World Around
Were the Dreams Enough?
Rainbow Earth
The Way Home
Change in Power
Pink Moon
Skipper in the Ruins
Walking in the National Museum of Scotland
Older I
Winter Walk
Not Afraid any More
My Barriers and your Borders_
Beyond the Wall I
Way Leads onto Way
Turtle Dove Way
Salt Bowl
Halfway Home
Evening Shadows II
Shift III
Little Museum I
This Kiss I
Free Wings
Beckonings Beyond the Window
Summer Visitors
Flight Pattern
The Last Swallow
Lonesome Pine I
Everyday Layers Listen
Those Days (green)
Night Shadows II
Mr. Starling's About Town.crop
Still Light I
Spare Room
Migrants Passage
Moon Series: Three Moons
Up North and Back Again
Deep Sounds Beyond
London Skyline
Autumn Crossing
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