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Apart Together: 10x10 Lockdown Art Project

Inspired by artist El Anatsui, and 10x10 Lockdown art project, created by Esther Adesigbin and Georgie Fay at OG Education. We invited our October Gallery artists and educators, young people, families, and schools to create a special ‘art’ square. We asked everyone to complete one side inspired by an October Gallery artist of their choice and then on the back they wrote a message or poem or statement to represent how they felt during lockdown. Each square was linked together with all the others to make an art piece that celebrated our community by staying safe and staying home.

The exhibition also shared the work made by the young people from the OG Youth Collective and showed a broad and inspiring range or works inspired by their own experiences of lockdown and the events during the Black Lives Matter protests and the toppling of monuments around the world. Watch our film all about the exhibition and project below or check out the OG Education website -

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