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Den building at Coram's Fields

This participatory project was again a research and play based project created and developed to add more depth and evidence to my 'Lost&Found' project with the OG Youth Collective.

This project was a series of workshops led my me with a group of children aged 4-11 in an after-school club setting, entirely different from formalised school workshops, lessons and young people sessions.

The purpose of the project was to give the children as much free space, materials and time to explore den making and games within an indoor space. It informed my practice in various ways, some of which were at times unexpected and disappointing but also made me realise that the role of the participatory facilitator was very important as was the structure of the workshops in order to provide a tighter framework for the children to then begin to use their imaginations more broadly and use the materials they were given in more experimental ways.

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