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Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame APK The Prince of Persia: Shadow & Flame is an exceptionally famous action game that was initially published in 1993 by Broderbund. It is a sequel to the “Prince of Persia” game. Now you can enjoy this purely classic game on your mobile phone without compromising the quality of graphics and sounds. The current mobile version of this game is developed by Ubisoft Entertainment. This mobile phone version is studded with more exciting challenges and enhanced graphics in the game. The game involves the continued story of a prince who is now going to start his new journey. This new journey will decide the future of the prince and is also somehow connected to his past.

This is a story-based game that involves various adventures and unending thrills. In this game, you can travel to a large number of locations and it contains a world map as well. This game allows you to unlock various game levels by completing the primary ones. This game is a real treat for Prince of Persia fans and they will experience unlimited pleasure while playing the levels of this game one by one. At the beginning of this game, you will be able to see the tutorials and guidelines about the gameplay. This game involves plenty of actions like jumping, rolling, defending and attacking, etc. that's why this game is categorized as a platform game.



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