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Time Lines: An Exploration of Memories and Identity

‘I love the diversity of works and formats used. So much work in a small space! Wonderful to see all the cultural production of young people.

‘Time Lines’ took place from 7th-11th December 2017 and was our annual October Gallery Education Exhibition, which I developed along with a group of young people. We created prints, sculpture and installations work and curated an experiential exhibition in an exciting pop up space.

Working in the pop up space gave the Youth Collective creative confidence and ownership over the space, in a way that they had not experienced when using the October Gallery. Having a pop up space also enabled me to programme a full weekend of art activities for local families, which included multi sensory storytelling, craft activities and print making, which was led by me and supported by the Young People.

We collaborated with some of the October Gallery Education artists, local community groups and other young people to show a mixed body of work, all responding to the theme of Time and Lines or Timelines. Their chosen responses produced a wildly varied exhibition, from a participatory installation of family trees made out of newspaper from the here and now to films projected on den walls to sensitive Polaroid photographs showing the hands of the local community coming together.

‘The amazing variety of art linked to ‘Time Lines’. I loved that you could add your own contributions. Matylda (member of OG Collective) was excellent, very knowledgeable and a very good artist. I’m blown away at how much work has gone into this and can’t think of anything I would change.’

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