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Family Learning: Exploring nest building

At the start of this year I continued to develop the work I had begun with the Young People at October Gallery exploring themes such as home, shelter, imagination and migration.

Having found a disused birds nest and observing how beautifully and carefully it was made, in fact it was like a work of art - so hard to comprehend how a little bird could have created this home using only it's beak! This became the inspiration to a series of workshops I delivered for families with small children and nursery, reception and Year 1 school groups and we made our own magical creatures and nests and homes for them out of shredded paper, which was an incredible material for little hands to shape and very cheap!

These workshops and nests that the participants created then inspired me to continue to work on making my 2D prints more 3D, just like the den I created in the 'Lost & Found' exhibition. I began to use my old unloved prints and proofs to put together a series of nests, lined with the remnants of my own lost artworks....wtach this space to see where these end up!

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