Invoking Memories: Sense of Place

Explore your emotions and how they are shaped by the objects around you at this drop-in event at the Royal College of Nursing, run by the Centre for the History of the Emotions as part of the Being Human Festival. Find out about gut feelings, add your emotional talismans to our display and explore your emotions and how they are shaped by objects through a series of drop-in activities. Participants encountered photographs taken and chosen by me of everyday journeys I had made by train and on a bicycle and printed into black and white. These were designed to evoke and perhaps provoke an emotional response and memories. I taught them how to make monoprints of these images and create their own i

Gerald Scarfe Puppets at House of Illustration

I worked as a freelance artists developing some workshops at the House of Illustration for SEN participants, we created a day workshop for adults with learning difficulties which responded to the current exhibition on at House of Illustration, 'Gerald Scarfe' . We played the equisite corpse and leanred various printmakign techniques which we then used to create our own story setting with strange creatues as the main characters on a brightly coloured printed backdrop.

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