Home and Flown: Camden Council

This project over Summer explored themes of home,play and flight with Syrian Refugee families in Camden. All these themes are integral to my practice and to have the opportunity to work and play with families who have experienced first hand this movement of home and culture was truly inspirational. We worked together over a few weeks building various dens and shelters and then exploring ways to show shadow puppet theatres through the den walls to their parents, which encouraged play, built their confidence and notions of working together to create something to be proud of.

Flying the Nest - Coldfall Primary School

I was the lead artist on a sculpture project with Year 2 at Coldfall Primary School, North London for a week of art exploring. This project enabled me to explore a lot of key ideas I had been thinking about in relation to my own art practice and thinking about making print into 3D and experimenting with more sculptural techniques and expanding my own skills. We made collaborative banners out of tracing paper and tracing images of flying birds as a backdrop to our installation then each student made a clay sculpture of their dream home and then embossed with thin sheet metal an image of their real home and finally made their own bird sculpture out of card, newspaper and modroc which we then h

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